Fili Creative is a full-service video production company

Fili Creative is the resource your business needs to complete your marketing strategy and tell your story. Our team produces quality work that will help you stand out in today’s digital world. 
Due to the Covid-19 global pandemic, business have been working to amplify their digital footprint. We provide our services to create strong relationships between organizations and their target market. We want your business to thrive no matter the set-back.

Video Production

A great marketing video can help elevate your business or organization to the next level, but doing it yourself is complicated… sometimes even impossible. It doesn’t have to be. Our team has the expertise and passion to deliver high quality content to fit your marketing needs

Audio Production

What’s better than great video? Amazing Audio. We want to share your message and have it be heard in the best possible way. We have the best in professional audio recording hardware and skills to capture every word and sound with great clarity.

Motion Graphics

Motion is a great tool to make your story pop. If it is your company’s logo or ordinary bullet-point information, motion can make even the most ordinary extraordinary. 


Live events can be stressful. Take streaming and producing your event off of your “to-do” list, and let Fili handle it! With our professional hardware and know- how, we can provide full service coverage of your live event.

Drone Services

Drone shots give a perspective that many never get the opportunity to see! Our Fili staff are licensed drone pilots who handle all of the requirements to fly safely, and legally in your area! 


Fili can help further your mission. no matter how big your non-profit may be, the impact of great messaging is huge. We will help craft and shape your message to tell your story the best way possible.


Grow your business with Fili Creative’s professional staff. Whether it is an advertisement or informational video about your next big product, we are here to help.


Building relationships with your citizens is key to a well-functioning government. Video helps inform the people on all aspects of government and events in their neighborhood.

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